3 surprising things to know about Wingsurfing

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WINGsurf? Do you mean Windsurf?  Windsurf and Wingsurf are two different water sports. Wingsurf is a trending sport developed from the design of kiteboarding kite and windsurf. It’s easy to start Wingsurfing. You just need to stand on the board and hold on to the specially designed Wing to set off.

What is WING?

The wing is an ultra-light inflatable "sail" in the shape of a pair of wings. Although its shape is held by inflation, its leading edges are stiff, giving the wing a powerful force. The wing can be pumped up quickly and is easy to carry. It is smaller than your average backpack when not inflated.


Similar to windsurfing and kitesurfing, Wingsurfing is a wind-powered water sport that wind is the major driving force. To move forward, you have to control the position of the wing well. The clever positioning of the wing captures the wind so that it turns into a driving force for the surfboard through the feet. With downwind courses, you can reach the highest speeds. The control and the change of direction usually take place via edge pressure on the surfboard.

Is it difficult?

The techniques are simple. No trimming, rigging or tuning is needed, making it much easier to begin with than windsurf or kitesurf. All you have to do is to inflate the wing and get on to the water.

Can’t wait to start Wingsurfing? Grab the chance to rent the equipment and have fun before the end of autumn!

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