Best routes and things you need to know about cycling in Hong Kong

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As it turns December, the weather starts to get colder. This is the best time to cycle, with some winds but not too cold. If you have already found some friends that are up for a chill weekend on the bike, here are some day trip recommendations from Appysport. Choose from the following featured routes and you are good to go!

Classic route:Tai Po to Tai Mei Tuk

When we talk about cycling in Hong Kong, the first thing that comes to your mind must be Tai Mei Tuk. It is a famous place for barbeque and cycling activities. Still, some new friends in Hong Kong may haven’t been there. And even if you have been there a few years ago, it’s still worth revisiting. The route starts at Tai Po waterfront, a perfect place to rent a bike and escape from the city. Along your way towards Tai Mei Tuk, you will find the 17th century built Tai Wong Yeh temple and the striking Tsz Shan Monastery Guan Yin statue. This route is a leisurely 1.5 hours but can be extended along the Tai Mei Tuk dam for a longer 9km ride. Full day bike rental starts at $48, no deposit or HKID kept, flexible return locations..

Coastal view:Tung Chung to Sunny Bay

This route features flatter paths. Start in Tung Chung and then simply follow the MTR track for the majority of the way. The roads are quiet and there are great views over the coast. The route ends at Inspiration Lake, where paddleboats can be rented for more outdoor fun. This route is 15km long and takes about 2.5hours.

Village landscape:Nam Sang Wai

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, cycling to Nam Sang Wai is a good choice. The route starts from the cycling track of Yuen Long West Rail Station and then head towards Pok Oi Hospital to Nam Sang Wai. Along the way, you will pass through abandoned farms, fish ponds and lush greenery. This route is 20 km long and takes about 3 hours.

Safety measures are important for your safety. No matter who you are, a newbie or a veteran, you should choose a bicycle according to your body size, not too large or small. Before getting on the bike, you must check whether the braking system works well. When riding on a bike, you are always advised to wear a helmet to protect your fragile skull. Rest assured! The cycling helmet doesn’t cost much. A basic helmet that costs less than $100 would be enough for a leisure ride. If you are new to cycling, you are also advised to wear protective pads to reduce injuries and pain caused by falls. While the weather is getting colder, keeping warm when riding becomes an important issue. Even if the wind is not strong, you should wear a windproof jacket to resist the oncoming headwind.

Everything is ready, yet a bike is missing? Check out full day bike rental with discounts: Leisure bike starts at $28; Road and Mountain bikes start at $48.

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