Kayaking and paddling around Hong Kong waters

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Going on a hike on one of many nature trails has long been a favourite activity for those who favour the outdoors in Hong Kong, but as the popularity of water sports continue to grow, kayaking and paddling have emerged in the past several years as two new contenders for the title of “Hong Kong’s Best Outdoor Activity”. 

The emergence of the two water sports can be attributed to a number of reasons. For one, accessibility to the two activities have dramatically increased over the last several years.

With online service offering opportunities for one to book introductory or full day kayak rental services, as well as beginners courses and equipment rentals for paddle-boarding, Hong Kongers have found access these water sports much easier now than in the past. 

The nature of kayaking and paddle boarding in particular allows both sports to challenge one of hiking’s best features: the ability to explore more remote locations in Hong Kong that are not easily accessible. Taking a hike on Lantau Island or in Sai Kung may prove to be an afternoon well spent, but one would have an entirely different experience exploring both areas either via kayak or paddleboard. Increased accessibility has also provided more opportunities for guides and tutors to craft these specialized experiences that goes beyond the simple act of learning or participating in the sport. 

With increased accessibility and unique experiences to be had on the water, the ability to partake in all these activities with friends may very well be the most important factor. Just as hiking alone is not recommended, for your safety and entertainment, water sports is always best done with a friend, whether you are taking a beginners class, or going on a multi-hour paddle tour in Tai Tam, taking to the seas could make all the difference. There are a lot of great experiences to be had in Hong Kong’s waters, so take some serious thought about hanging up your hiking shoes for a weekend, or more! 

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