TOP 8 Safety items to paddle with

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Kayaking is a wonderful way to spend a summer day exploring in Hong Kong’s hidden gems. If you are new to kayaking and want to hone the basic skills, you may start with a 2-hour kayak introduction with a verified instructor. 

Water safety should always be number one priority for paddlers of kayaks or other type of paddling. All too often people think basic swimming skill is a safety guarantee pass for water sports. We prepared a list of paddling and water safety items regardless of weather, time of year or type of paddling.


Even for the most experienced kayakers or swimmers, lifejacket is a MUST-HAVE item during the journey. It is usually already included in kayak rental in Hong Kong. If you want to prepare your own, especially for your kids, it is also easily found in sports equipment shops

Hat with a brim

If you are in for a full day cave kayaking trip, we strongly recommend you wear a hat with a brim. This will shield you from the damaging effects of the sun on hot days as well as help you retain you body heat when you are exploring through the marine caves.

Proper footwear

No matter you are beginner kayaker or stand-up paddle boarder, don’t forget to pack a pair of neoprene shoes. Weather and condition appropriate closed-toe shoes should be worn, especially when you are getting into the water unsuspectingly. Rocks, shells, sea life, and even glass. A small cut on your feet would be the last thing you want in the trip. 

Water & Snacks

It is incredibly important to keep water with you while kayaking, even if you are only going to be in your kayak for a short period of time. It is quite common for paddlers to become dehydrated due to the combined effect that the sun and wind have on the body. (Pro-tips: A hydration pack that straps to your back like a backpack can allow you to carry more water than most water bottles will be able to hold!) Also, you will be using a lot of energy even if you don’t realize it, so be sure to bring an energy bar or snack so you don’t get light-headed from hunger.

Dry bag

Keeping your belongings and supplies dry while kayaking can be tricky business. Make sure you pick the one that is big enough for your valuables including wallet, mobile (for emergency!), towel, spare clothes and snacks. Reminder! Dry bags are not designed for prolonged immersion - anything vital (such as your phone!) should be contained within at least two (preferably 3) layers of water-proofing.

Sun Protection

Sunglasses! Sunscreen! Lip balm! Do not underestimate the sun that you will be 100% exposed for a few hours. There is nowhere to hide on the water. To protect yourself from the sun's rays, you know you need to slather on the sunscreen before you hit the water. 

First-Aid kit

(Touchwood!) You have a small cut from the rock, you would need at least some Band-Aids and antiseptic wipes. We suggest you always keep a basic first-aid kit in your dry bag.

Waterproof phone case

The kayaking trip is not complete without a Instagrammable selfie. Waterproof phone cases allow for partial to full use of phones, while still protecting the phone from water. 

The terrific terrain and curved coastline in Hong Kong, especially in Stanley, Lantau Island, Sai Kung and Tai Po, make it ideal for different water sports activities. 

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