Gogo Camp set up guidelines

2 - 4 Persons Tent

Components: main tent, tarp, tent poles & tent pegs

  1. Lay out all the components of the tent on a flat surface (this will be your camping spot.)
  2. Connect the various sections of the tent poles. Place the ends of the poles into the grommets diagonally. Erect the poles to form an X frame by having two tent poles crossing each other. 
  3. Tight the top of the tent with the intersection of the tent poles.
  4. Use the pegs/ stakes to secure the four tent corners to the ground. The pegs/ stakes should be pushed far enough into the ground and at a 45 degree angle leaning away from the tent.
  5. Place the rainfly over the top of the tent. Secure the loops/ tabs of the rainfly into the poles.
  6. Stake the rainfly in place

Single Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Components: air mattress, package sack

  1. Place the air mattress inside the camping tent.
  2. Twist the valve in anti-clockwise to inflate.
  3. It takes around 20 minutes to complete the inflation. Twist the valve in clockwise direction when it is done.
  4. Twist the valve again, roll up the mattress at the other end of the mattress. Compress the mattress when you are doing so.
  5. Put it inside the sack when it is deflated.