1-Hour Indoor 1 On 1 Private Swimming Lesson

1-Hour Indoor 1 On 1 Private Swimming Lesson

Multiple Locations

What's in for you?
This 1-hour private swimming class is a progressive program which allows individual to learn swimming safely in a  well-structured framework. Swimming techniques ranging from basic breathing techniques to advanced skills would be taught depends on the level and goal of the students. 

The Coach
Terence Li, currently a member of Hong Kong Finswimming team, has participated in training and races for more than 15 years. He is a passionate multi-sport lover that also take part at the Spartan race, the Standard Charted Marathon and trail running race etc.


  • CUHK MA in Sports Studies 
  • HKASA Level 1 Coaching Certificate 
  • HKPFA Physical Foundation Certificate 
  • HKPFA Resistance Training Instructor
  • First Aid Certificate

Top Achievements

  • 2019- Asian Finswimming Championship (Hong Kong Team)
  • 2019- China National Finswimming Competition- 4x100 Surface Bronze (Hong Kong Team)
  • 2019- FINA World Master Swimming Championship (GB Club)
  • 2019- The 7th HK Game (Swimming - North District Representative)
  • 2019- China National Spring Finswimming competition (Hong Kong Team)

Where & When?

  • LCSD Swimming Pool in specific districts or clubhouse swimming pool at the discretion of the client
  • Mon, Sat & Sun: evening
  • Tue, Thur, Fri: morning - afternoon

Additional Information

  • 4 days advanced booking required
  • Bring your own swimming suit, changing clothes, towel, swimming cap, swimming goggles
  • No age requirement
  • Bring $5 coin as locker token
  • Indoor pool


English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin

What if you want to cancel?

  1. No Refund in case of cancellation.
  2. Re-schedule within 30 days when the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 or above, or the Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings.