45-Min Weekday Group Adult Swimming Lesson
45-Min Weekday Group Adult Swimming Lesson

45-Min Weekday Group Adult Swimming Lesson

Hong Kong / Kowloon

What's in for you?

The adult swimming class follows the step-by-step principle, starting with simple Breast Stroke and FreeStyle, gradually to the more complicated Back Stroke and Butterfly.

Most of the participants can master the FreeStyle and Breast Stroke after taking the class. The coach would make class adjustments according to the capability of each participant in order to optimize the class.

Our Partner

The Association, found in 2010, strives to nurture swimming talents, promoting the sports and enhancing the coaching quality in Hong Kong. It has been actively promoting the sport by organizing different swimming classes and training. Participants can master swimming in a short time, which enables them to enhance fitness levels and enjoy swimming.

Where & When?

Base on selected time and location during booking (Meeting point: the entrance of the swimming pool )

Additional Information

  • Class capacity: 1 - 8 pax.
  • Bring your own goggles and towel.
  • Entrance fee exclusive in tuition fee.
  • Bring a $5 coin as locker token.
  • 4 days of advanced booking required.

What if you want to cancel?

  1. No Refund in any cancellations.
  2. Re-schedule within 30 days when the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, or the Black Rainstorm Warning is enforced.