1 to 3-Hour Wakeboarding
1 to 3-Hour Wakeboarding

1 to 3-Hour Wakeboarding

Tai Tam

What's in for you?
Enjoy this 1 to 3-hour wakeboard surfing session with:

  • Regular inboard boat (max. 4 ppl)
  • Wakeboard equipment
  • Life vest jackets
  • Free changing areas and shower areas
  • A wetsuit is provided during the winter season. So that you can continue enjoying water sport while keeping yourself warm in the water

You will get safety instructions before you go on the water.

Our Partners 

With more than 10 years of wakeboarding and wake-surfing experiences, W Boat Company offers coaching lessons to participants of all levels, from beginners to experts.

When & Where?

  • Meeting place: Tai Tam Tuk Village 101
  • Opening hour: 8am-6pm

For weekend, booking should be made at least 1 week in advance.
For weekdays, booking should be made at least 2 days in advance.

Additional Information

  1. Bring towels, a spare set of clothes, sunscreen, water bottle and rash guard
  2. No lockers are available onsite


Cantonese, Mandarin, and English

What's required for your safety?

  1. Participants aged 8 or above
  2. Participants should be proficient in swimming

What if you want to cancel?

You can cancel and be fully refunded before receiving the booking confirmation email.

After you have received your booking confirmation email:

  1. No Refund for any cancellations
  2. Re-schedule within 30 days under Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 or above, Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings